Firmware Upgrading Guide

This guide assumes you have already gotten current releases of the Lenzhound D.I.G. Uploader and Firmware
from our Downloads page and have the Java Runtime Environment properly installed on your system.

1. Extract the

This zip contains 2 files, TXr-1.0.6.hex for the controller, RXr-1.0.6.hex for the motor.

2. Open LenzhoundSettingsManagerInstaller-1.2.3.jar and click next through the setup process.

The setup wizard will ask you where to create a folder for the Lenzhound Settings Manager that will contain the application and all associated tools.

3. Launch the D.I.G. Uploader by clicking on the DIG_Uploader_1-2-3.jar.

This file can be found in the Lenzhound Settings Manager folder within the install location you selected during the setup wizard process.

4.) Plug in your RTX-1 controller unit. Click the 'Firmware' button.

Mac OS X / Linux: It should display something like /dev/tty.usbmodemfa**** in the dropdown list if your unit is being properly detected.

Windows: It should display something like COM1 in the dropdown list if your unit is being properly detected.

5.) Click 'Locate File' and navigate to where you extracted hex files, then select the TXr-1.0.6.hex
and then click 'Open' then 'Start' to begin the upload.

Several dialog boxes will come up confirming success.

6.) Unplug your controller unit and plug in the receiver.

Repeat step 5 except select RXr-1.0.6.hex for the firmware file this time.