Lenzhound D.I.G. Uploader

Use the official D.I.G. Uploader to quickly update firmware settings and more.

Current Release - v1.2.3 - 8/5/15

Previous Releases on GitHub


  • Upload new firmware
  • Read/Poll settings from the device
  • Create, save, and manage custom profiles for multiple cameras or lenses
  • Change wireless channel and power amp transmission levels
  • Control maximum velocity and acceleration for FREE RUN and Z-MODE
  • NEW Timelapse utility for crafting smooth, repeatable motion - See the Tutorial

System Requirements: 

Java Runtime Environment 8u20 or later required (verify here) on Windows and Mac OS X.

Don't have Java installed yet? Download the JRE from here for your Operating System.

Installing Drivers for Windows 8.1 or earlier

1.) Download Drivers

2.) Extract all contents from the zip file.

3.) Navigate to the folder where you extracted the zip file.

4.) If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows, double click the dpinst-amd64.exe, otherwise double click the dpinst-x86.exe.

5.) Click "Yes" at the security prompt to continue with installation.

6.) Click "Next" in the Driver Installation Wizard.

7.) Click "Install" each time the installer asks "Would you like to install this device software?"

8.) Now you can plug in your RTX-1 or DB-1 and Windows 7 will find and install the proper drivers.

If you are using Windows 8 or 8.1 please click here to continue.

Firmware Release

Current Release (zip) - v1.0.6 - 8/8/16

Releases - Binary builds available on GitHub.

Download the current release of both the Lenzhound D.I.G. Uploader and Firmware then continue to

Source Code

Nightly Build - The latest and greatest
Nightly builds are development builds currently being tested. This code should be considered beta and not ready to be used in a production environment.