Lenzhound Wireless Follow Focus


Configure your Lenzhound Wireless Follow Focus package.

Featuring up to 1000 foot range and options for driving cinema and photography lenses.

The Lenzhound is the most powerful remote lens control system for DSLRs and Gimbals in its price range.

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The Lenzhound Wireless Follow Focus is an ultra-economical single-channel remote lens control system offering a professional level of accuracy and durability. All our systems have our 3XT Upgrade for the motor and newly designed wireless transceiver that gets up to 1000-foot line-of-sight range for rock solid reliability on set.

Several configuration options are available including our unique belt-driven solution for driving photography lenses without 32-pitch teeth. This means that no lens adapter is required to use this remote follow focus with your photo lenses. For all your cinema, we offer an industry standard 32-pitch / 0.8 mod cinema gear. Best of all, these two configurations are easy to switch between!

The Lenzhound RTX-1 controller offers an ergonomic design inspired by smart phones. The RTX-1 provides real-time access to acceleration and speed parameters to achieve focus pulls that would be otherwise impossible. Only the Lenzhound provides this unique control over speed and acceleration during focus pulls. This flexibility also extends to the controller’s four Set/Recall buttons that provide quick access and control for perfectly repeatable focus pulls. The RTX-1 boasts incredible battery life lasting over 32 hours with fresh AAA batteries. No waiting for a recharge, ever.

The Lenzhound DB-1 motors feature flexible power handling and can accept battery or wall-wart sources from 8-16VDC. The motor has plenty of torque for driving heavy cinema lenses. When paired with one of our 3800mA 12V battery packs the DB-1 motor typically achieves over 10 hours of operating time and over 20 hours on most V-mount batteries.

This system is the world’s only Open-Source wireless follow focus available on the market, encouraging developers to hack, modify, re-purpose it for applications we have yet to imagine.

Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.


  • Single axis system.
  • Drive cinema lenses with the 32-pitch/0.8mod Cinema Lens Gear option or photography lenses without adding gear rings
  • 4 preset buttons to Set and Recall positions and load acceleration and velocity profiles.
  • White distance marking disk for grease pencil or china marker (no dry-erase).
  • Up to 1000' range
  • 81 selectable wireless channels
  • Works with industry standard 15mm iris rod system.
  • Operates on 8-16v DC. *12v DC battery pack or power source recommended.
  • Long battery life - typical operating time for controller exceeds 32 hours and motor over 10 hours with our 3800mA battery pack.
  • Unlimited rotation. Calibrate thousands and thousands of degrees (think moving a slider).
  • Open source (GitHub) and Arduino compatible opening the doors to new possibilities.


  • RTX-1 Single Axis Controller Unit
  • DB-1 Receiver Motor Unit
  • 3XT Upgrade Kit pre-installed. (Learn more)
  • Pulley and set of 4 belts compatible with lenses up to 110mm in diameter.
  • Mini-USB cable
  • Marking Disc Marker

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Lenzhound Wireless Follow Focus on a DJI Ronin-MLenzhound Wireless Follow Focus driving CP3 lensLenzhound Wireless Follow Focus ThumbwheelLenzhound Wireless Follow Focus Controller

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