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DB-1 Receiver Motor Unit
  • DB-1 Receiver Motor Unit

Lenzhound DB-1 Motor Unit

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Lenzhound Motor, Receiver, & Belt. 

Switch to a 32-pitch / 0.8mod cinema gear with our Cine-Gear Add-on Kit.

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Do you need a replacement, want a backup, or have an idea for utilizing an additional motor? Standard belt-driven stand-alone motor/receiver units are available to meet your needs.

Package includes the following:

  • DB-1 Receiver Motor Unit
  • 3XT Upgrade Kit pre-installed. (Learn more)

Add a 32-pitch / 0.8mod gear with our Cine-Gear Add-on Kit.

Browse our Belts & Gears if you need a belt to go along with this motor.

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