Cine Gear Add-on Instructions

After purchasing the Cine gear add-on kit, follow these steps to change your Lenzhound motor unit from belt drive to Cine-standard:

1. Remove the existing belt-drive pulley from the Lenzhound Motor.

On the drive pulley, loosen the two set screws with the small (1.27mm) hex wrench included in kit. Remove it by sliding it off the end of the shaft.

2. Install pinion gear on motor shaft.

Install the 12 tooth metal pinion gear right back on the same shaft. There is only one set screw on this gear and it takes a 2mm hex wrench. (also included) Make sure the set screw tightens against the flat part of the motor shaft.

3. Attach pillow block/idler gear assembly.

Align the pillow block with the two threaded holes on the side of the motor arm so that the idler gear engages with the pinion gear. Fit one screw through the tapered hole in the block and get it started in the threaded hole in the arm. Leave it very loose. Fit the other screw, start in the threads and tighten finger tight. then tighten the first screw. Snug both screws firmly but not overly tight.

Your system is now converted to the cine-style!

Note: It’s important to do the steps in the order above. If the idler gear is installed first, there will not be enough clearance to slide the pinion gear on the shaft.

To convert back to belt drive, reverse the procedure above.