Rose Quartz Crystal Edition "Stardust" Oil Kaleidoscope


Beautifully handcrafted kaleidoscopes.

Limited Rose Quartz edition.


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"We are stardust
We are golden
And we've got to get ourselves
Back to the garden…"

As the stone of the heart, Rose Quartz is known as the crystal of unconditional love with powerful healing properties, particularly where love is concerned. In the kaleidoscope, the crystals are clear with the slightest hint of pink. They provide a foundation of clarity, brightness, and dimensional depth. Rose quartz was used from ancient times as a token of love.

Also featured are Tiger's Eye, Red Calcite and Chrome Diopside. Tiger's Eye is a stone of action, decisiveness and discernment providing visual contrast and solid form in the kaleido image. Red Calcite, notably present in limestone and marble formations, is perceived as a detoxifying and energizing stone. It provides color depth, transparency and flow in the kaleidoscope. The brilliant and many-hued greens are entirely from the Chrome Diopside.

Rounding out the composition of the objective chamber are translucent polarizing and color filtering films which enhance the light play and geometric symmetry of the image.

Hand crafted at Motion Dogs studios, the MoDo Stardust Kaleidoscope is a subtle instrument of philosophy. And a relaxing amusement. And a meditative, crystal ballish grantor of perspective and harmony. If you choose.

Simply roll the scope to reveal an infinite array of stunning displays. The hand-crushed semi-precious stones tumble gently in an oil-filled chamber. A glimpse through the precision mirror system reveals a flowing, unfolding experience that entertains, illuminates and enlightens the soul.

Using 2 mirrors and 6 point symmetry, this elegant kaleidoscope is a meditative and delightfully entertaining analog device. The machined aluminum body has clean, minimalist lines. The magnifier eyepiece and the glass objective diffuser are complimented by a matte, silver finish.

The Modo Kaleidoscope can go with you anywhere in its velvet bag, or stay on your coffee table as a conversation piece, meditative object or delightful toy. It makes a unique and creative gift for family and friends.


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